Masters of Dreams: thirteen legendary jewellers reveal their secrets

Director and Director of Photography: Sean O'Sullivan

eva herzegova wearing a chopard necklaceBespoke jewellery production is as much business as art. To succeed you have to master both....these master craftsmen elegantly span this divide to produce some of the finest jewellery in the world. 

Film Info

Directors: Guillaume De Ginestel, Eric Ellena, Jane Lipman & Sean O’Sullivan
Director: Episode 4 The Jewellers of the Americas: Sean O'Sullivan
Director of Photography: Episode 3 and 4: Sean O'Sullivan
Co-Producers: French Connection Films, Quasar Multimedia, Current Affairs Hambrook Communications 
Year: 2013 
Length: 52 minutes x 4 episodes
Languages: English, French
Partners: The French Film Board (CNC), Media Programme (Europe), Friuli-Venezia Giulia Audiovisual Fund, The South African Department of Trade & Industry (DTI), The Gauteng Film Commission
Broadcasters: Stylia (France, Africa), Vosges Television (France), Sky Arts (Italy), Canal Plus (Poland)

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 French Connection Films

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The Meaning of the 21st Century

Directors: James Martin and Sean O'Sullivan

The meaning of the 21st Century

Screen adaptation of James Martin's acclaimed book. The 21st Century will be a forcing house for humanity. Not since the last ice age have we faced so many challenges.  From technological overdrive to environmental collapse....the next fifty years will determine the fate of the world for centuries to come.

Interviews with Martin Rees, Chris Patten, James Lovelock, Craig Venter and Jane Goodall.  

 Film Info

Producer: James Martin
Directors: James Martin, Sean O'Sullivan
Narrator: Michael Douglas


University of Oxford Matched Funding Challenge

Director: Sean O'Sullivan

 University of Oxford

The film is part of a 100 million USD matched funding drive for the Oxford Martin School within the University of Oxford.

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Big Questions

Director and Director of Photography: Sean O'Sullivan

Oxford UniverstityOxford MArtin School 

Our founder, Dr James Martin asked School Director, Professor Ian Goldin, “How can ideas change the world?” Bringing great minds together not only brings fresh insights, it accelerates our ability to solve problems, said Goldin.

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Revolution in Oxford

Director: Sean O'Sullivan


Univ of OxfordOxford Martin SchoolThere's an exciting revolution in Oxford. How will it change your future?

The unprecedented challenges facing the world -- climate catastrophe, overpopulation, rapid technological expansion, extreme inequality, nuclear terrorism -- require radical rethinking to find workable solutions. A need to inspire some of the world's best minds to work together to understand and address these problems prompted Dr James Martin to establish the Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford.

This new film, Revolution in Oxford, shows how novel ideas and interdisciplinary collaborations fostered by the Oxford Martin School are not only changing Oxford University, but also the world. Through candid interviews with the academics involved, James Martin reveals some of the latest insights and new approaches to addressing some of humanity's most intractable questions.


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