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Masters of Dreams: thirteen legendary jewellers reveal their secrets

Director and Director of Photography (Episode 4): Sean O'Sullivan

eva herzegova wearing a chopard necklace

Thirteen iconic craftsmen share their skills and stories. Masters of Dreams profiles a group of extraordinary men and women who make some of the finest jewellery in the world.


Another Time Another Place: The The Jews of District Six

Co-Director: Sean O'Sullivan

Jews of District 6

Over a century has passed since Jews began to make their homes in the Cape Town suburb of District Six and memories of their presence has all but disappeared. This film attempts to recover that presence and place it within the kaleidoscope of cultures of what was once Town's most vibrant neighbourhood.




Premiere – South African Jewish Museum, Cape Town Jews of District 6 opening at SA Jewish Museum

S5 Weather Version 2

The S5 Weather Module v2 pulls XML data from Yahoo.com and displays the weather for the current day and the upcoming 2 days along with images depicting the type weather. You can enter a zip code in the administration side and also switch between celsius and fahrenheit.


  • Enter ZIP code via admin side
  • Choose celsius or fahrenheit
  • Pulls weather data from Yahoo weather

For those of you living outside the US, please complete the following steps :

  • 1. Drill down to your location on Yahoo Maps http://weather.yahoo.com/
  • 2. Look at the address bar (If you live in Melbourne, Australia it looks like this: http://ther.yahoo.com/Melbourne-Australia/ASXX0075/forecast.html?unit=c)
  • 3. Copy the region/area code found in the above URL (ASXX0075)
  • 4. Next open up the weather.class.php file (../modules/mod_s5_weather) and search for the the word: 'location' (there are two instances) and replace with the code that you have just copied from Yahoo, save and close.
  • 5. In the Admin area of the weather module simply paste the Yahoo region code into the zip code box (in this scenario: ASXX0075)

S5 Weather module screenshot as featured on the homepage:

S5 Weather module admin area screenshot:

Selected Projects

Masters of Dreams: thirteen legendary jewellers reveal their secrets

Director and Director of Photography: Sean O'Sullivan

Bespoke jewellery production is as much business as art. To succeed you have to master both....these master crafts

The Meaning of the 21st Century

Directors: James Martin and Sean O'Sullivan

Screen adaptation of James Martin's acclaimed book. The 21st Century will be

University of Oxford Matched Funding Challenge

Director: Sean O'Sullivan


The film is part of a 100 million USD matched funding drive for the Oxford Martin School with