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The S5 Weather Module v2 pulls XML data from Yahoo.com and displays the weather for the current day and the upcoming 2 days along with images depicting the type weather. You can enter a zip code in the administration side and also switch between celsius and fahrenheit.


  • Enter ZIP code via admin side
  • Choose celsius or fahrenheit
  • Pulls weather data from Yahoo weather

For those of you living outside the US, please complete the following steps :

  • 1. Drill down to your location on Yahoo Maps http://weather.yahoo.com/
  • 2. Look at the address bar (If you live in Melbourne, Australia it looks like this: http://ther.yahoo.com/Melbourne-Australia/ASXX0075/forecast.html?unit=c)
  • 3. Copy the region/area code found in the above URL (ASXX0075)
  • 4. Next open up the weather.class.php file (../modules/mod_s5_weather) and search for the the word: 'location' (there are two instances) and replace with the code that you have just copied from Yahoo, save and close.
  • 5. In the Admin area of the weather module simply paste the Yahoo region code into the zip code box (in this scenario: ASXX0075)

S5 Weather module screenshot as featured on the homepage:

S5 Weather module admin area screenshot:

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